About Mitchell
Mr. Mitchell Hewson was the first Registered Horticultural Therapist to practice in Canada. He has served a pioneering role in the development of this important therapeutic modality, with a focus on psychiatric care.  He has focused on specialized populations including those who suffer from: post-traumatic stress disorder, dementia, addictions and others. More recently, he has added focus to nurturing the caregiver, and involvement with CQI initiatives. Overall, Mitchell is a practitioner who focuses on a client-centred approach, with focus on clinical assessment as a fundamental pillar to treatment.  

"Mitchell has been at the forefront of the horticultural therapy profession for forty years. Influencing the thinking and practice of horticultural therapy as it has developed in the U.S. and Canada, he has contributed to the professional practice in many other countries including Japan, Taiwan and China. His writing, his programs and his willingness to train others sets him apart. It is his effectiveness as a therapist that is the foundation for all of his professional work and it is his compassion with clients who have mental health issues that is often mentioned by his peers with admiration and inspiration."
Lesley Fleming, HTR

Underneath this training, however, Mitchell is driven by the power and beauty of nature, and the ability of HT to promote a sense of wellness via a non-invasive ​form of therapy.
“There is something magical and curative in the powers of nature. Flowers perpetuate themselves with their seeds, repeating the cycle of life. Nature is forgiving, as one plant dies another can grow in its place. The life cycle of plants provides us with hope of life renewed and a chance to begin again.”

Mitchell Hewson, HTM LT RAHP

Registered Horticultural Therapist Masters
Registered Aromatherapy Healthcare Practitioner
Landscape Technologist
Recipient of 5 international awards for excellence
Honourary Board Member CHTA