2024 Online Course in Horticulture As Therapy
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Why take this course?

  • It provides an international approach to studying how nature is used as a therapeutic tool for enriching the lives of others through people and plant relationships.

  • Mitchell Hewson is a pioneer with extensive clinical and horticultural knowledge who will guide you through this training using nature and the humanities to develop your skills as a therapist and horticulturalist.

  • It offers a curriculum that provides you with an understanding of mental illness, assessments, program dynamics, therapeutic environments, healing plants, creative arts and adjunctive therapies.

  • It is an accredited course through the CHTA that guides you towards a career in horticultural therapy and professional recognition with the Canadian Horticultural Therapy association.  

  • During the past few years we have experienced unprecedented times of change, stress and loss, but one thing remains the same the healing power of nature! Rediscover this as you engage with the enriching course material. ​

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The Horticulture As Therapy online course is committed to supporting the mission, vision, beliefs, of Horticultural Therapy in Practice and adhering to the Code of Ethics of the CanadianBritish (THRIVE) and American Horticultural Therapy Associations.

Horticulture As Therapy's Duty is to acknowledge and honour all students who seek the knowledge to celebrate natures healing powers through plant-people relationships, including persons of all sexual orientations, identities, races, abilities, ages and talents.