Mitchell's Book

Horticulture as Therapy:  A practical guide to using horticulture as a therapeutic tool

Mitchell Hewson wrote this original Canadian textbook on Horticulture as a therapy in 1994.  It remains relevant today and can be ordered from Mitchell directly, by downloading the order form or contacting Mitchell by email
Selected Articles

Mitchell was recently interviewed for an article which appeared in the April 2019 issue of Harrowsmith magazine. This article highlights Horticultural Therapy, particularly in relation to Cancer. Visit the Harrowsmith site, or download a PDF copy of the article here

Newsletter of the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association, Winter 2017 
An article honouring Mitchell's contribution to the field, link here

Horticultural Therapy: A humanistic approach for residents with dementia, link here

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Published by a Colleague

The book "Therapeutic Horticulture A Practitioner’s Perspective" contains 50 essays on the health-horticulture connection, healing gardens and people plant interactions....and 100 photos exploring therapeutic horticulture.

Written by Lesley Fleming, HTR. Recipient of AHTA 2016 Publication Award & AHTA 2018 Rhea McCandliss Professional Service Award.  Available at Smashwords (online).