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According to the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association Horticultural therapy is: 

 "The use of plants and the natural world to improve the social, spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing of individuals who participate in it" 

 In the words of Mitchell Hewson, Horticultural Therapy is:

“...a tool to develop a relationship with the client to improve their behavioural, physical and spiritual well being”.

Please note that Horticultural Therapy is a qualified and registered therapy and should be practiced by trained professionals only. Although its principles can be followed by anyone, if you are suffering from illness, please seek a trained individual for advice.​

Nature exercises the body, and nurtures the soul.
During the cold winter months, take care of a plant indoors.
Distance Course in Horticultural Therapy
More students are enrolling in Mitchell's electronic distance course in Horticulture As Therapy!

This groundbreaking course is the only online psychiatric course in Canada, providing in-depth study with Mitchell Hewson; the first horticultural therapist and formal program developer in horticultural therapy in Canada.

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The distance course continues to move forward, don't forget to register and complete the exercises.