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According to the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association Horticultural therapy is: 

 "The use of plants and the natural world to improve the social, spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing of individuals who participate in it" 

 In the words of Mitchell Hewson, Horticultural Therapy is:

“...a tool to develop a relationship with the client to improve their behavioural, physical and spiritual well being”.

Please note that Horticultural Therapy is a qualified and registered therapy and should be practiced by trained professionals only. Although its principles can be followed by anyone, if you are suffering from illness, please seek a trained individual for advice.​

As a treatment method for mental health, horticultural therapy is a valid and increasingly popular intervention. Its positive effect on the person, including those who suffer from various forms of mental illness is borne out by both anecdotal and empirical evidence. Through the use of “living” materials- flowering plants fruits, vegetables and herbs… horticultural therapy stimulates thought, exercises the body and encourages an awareness of the external environment Moreover, clients' who have benefited from this type of therapy report a renewed desire to live, decreased anxiety or stress and improved self-esteem. 

  M Hewson – Horticultural Therapist
Distance Course in Horticultural Therapy
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This groundbreaking course is the only online psychiatric course in Canada, 
providing in-depth study with Mitchell Hewson; the first horticultural therapist and formal program developer in horticultural therapy in Canada.

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Students are raving about the distance course with Mitchell.  
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The following are testimonials from students of the Horticulture as Therapy Distance Course

Date posted:  December 11 2014.

"The e-distance course “Horticultural as a Therapy” has been a very rewarding and insightful course. This course has changed my perception of what I perceived horticultural therapy to be, to what horticulture therapy actually is. This e-distance course has given me a new purpose and interest in developing my current gardening program here at work into a Horticultural Therapy program that we can offer to the whole mental health facility. I feel energized, renewed, and knowledgeable about how to make this happen thanks to completing this e-distance course. I know there is a lot more learning to be done and I welcome that challenge. Thank you Mitchell for making this course such a positive, enriching, and enlightening experience. The sharing of your knowledge and the feedback you have provided has been invaluable. I hold you in the greatest of esteem. Thank you for what you do each day to make our lives a better one."

"Mitchell's e-distance course, Horticulture as Therapy, provides wonderful base learning of the principles of using plants, horticulture related activity and outdoor green spaces as a means of healing and well-being. The assignments challenge the student to understand and consider all aspects of human nature, disease and disorders, our innate connection to plant life, and approaches to utilize that knowledge through people-plant activities that promote good health of body, mind, and spirit. The e- course helps answer questions of how to go about implementation, why it is beneficial, what is needed, and who may benefit from the programs/ services. I found the course of great benefit and value."