Horticultural Therapy in Practice 2024
This website is an online resource brought to you by Mitchell Hewson, HTM LT RAHP, in order to carry on the mission, vision and values of the practice of Horticultural Therapy.

To promote the highest quality of Horticultural Therapy treatment and rehabilitation for people who suffer from mental illness and addiction.

​Code of Ethics
In line with the mission of the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association, this site serves to promote the use and awareness of horticulture as a therapeutic modality.  Additionally, the Horticultural Therapy e-distance course is committed to supporting the mission, vision, beliefs, of Horticultural Therapy in Practice values and adhering to the Code of Ethics of the Canadian and American Horticultural Therapy Associations.

Horticultural Therapy acknowledges and honours all practitioners and students who seek the knowledge to celebrate natures healing powers through plant-people relationships, including persons of all sexual orientations, identities, races, abilities, ages and talents

We acknowledge for many thousands of years the indigenous people of Turtle Island walked on this land. We are thankful to share in the special spirit of this place, rich in the energy of Mother Earth and the love of all Creation.

Horticultural Therapy (HT) is a formal practice which centres on goal oriented activities, defined outcomes and assessment procedures. Horticultural Therapy promotes a natural sense of wellness. A clinically validated and experiential-based program, it encourages clients to engage and actively participate in the natural world. The use of living material, requiring nurturing and cultivation helps clients develop new ways of thinking about life and self-care. Clients also develop positive leisure skills, and experience increased self-esteem through the acquisition of new skills and completion of successful projects. Clinical assessment is an imperative element of the practice, and administered by professionally trained horticultural therapists. More recently, HT has been identified as a component of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) programs within Ontario, Canada. 

Horticultural Therapy programs are designed to engage a patient’s interest, match their capabilities and foster creativity and imagination. These activities exercise the body, stimulate the senses and encourage an awareness of the living external environment. Anxiety is relieved by providing a safe and forgiving outlet for expressing negative and creative energy. Horticultural tasks and projects reflect seasons and seasonal events to support nurturing, self-development and change. 
Mitchell Hewson, HTM LT RAHP

Registered Horticultural Therapist Masters
Registered Aroma therapy health care practitioner
Landscape Technologist
Recipient of 5 international awards for excellence
Honoured Board Member CHTA