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Courses in Horticulture As Therapy
Mitchell Hewson has been offering courses in psychiatric Horticultural Therapy (HT) for most of his career.  These courses have opened the world of HT to hundreds of individuals and organizations. 

The Electronic - Distance Course in Horticulture As Therapy

Canada's only online psychiatric course. Providing in-depth study guided personally by Mitchell Hewson, the first horticultural therapist and formal program developer for in horticultural therapy in Canada.  To request information, fill out the form on this page.  To see the associated workbook, look under "The Book" tab on this site.  

The Classroom Course in Horticulture As Therapy

Please contact Mitchell for paper copies of the brochures and details of the Horticulture As Therapy Course, and other workshops and speaking engagements that are hosted throughout Canada and the United States. 

The course structure is as follows:

  • Course 1 : Working with Specialized Populations 
  • Course 2: Innovative Projects in Horticultural Therapy  
  • Course 3: Creating a Therapeutic Environment and Assessment  
  • Course 4: Creative Arts and Guided Imagery  
  • Course 5: Horticultural Therapy Programming for Psychological and physical rehabilitation 

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