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Mr. Mitchell Hewson was the first Registered Horticultural Therapist to practice in Canada.  
This site is about bringing his expertise and support to you.

In 2009, Mitchell's colleague Lesley Flemming composed a piece about 
Mitchell, entitled:  Making a Difference.

"A pioneering role in 
Horticultural Therapy"
About Mitchell 
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Example of Mitchell's work
Mr. Mitchell Hewson has expertise in working with a number of specialized populations.
Some of his great work has been applications of HT for patients with dementia.

Currently, Mitchell is focussed on teaching (this site links you to his online courses), as well as doing consulting with hospices' and landscape firms.

In 2009, Mitchell published an article entitled:  A humanistic approach to dementia.

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If you cannot access this article, please email Mitchell
In 2010, Mr. Mitchell Hewson won the American Horticultural Therapy Association's (AHTA) Publication Award for "Horticulture as Therapy"

Given in recognition of an outstanding book, paper, or research authored or co-authored by members of AHTA who have conceived, designed, evaluated or reported innovative or significant developments in horticultural therapy. “Research” as applied to this award is to be broadly interpreted to include any area of inquiry related to horticultural therapy. Nominees must submit an abstract of their publication and one original copy for AHTA’s permanent archives.

An excerpt from his award profile:

"The ensuing research, documentation and presentations on this topic represent innovative and significant developments in the field of horticultural therapy. No previous research has been published or presented on this special population of dual diagnosis of substance abuse and traumatic stress. Mitchell continues to be a leader in identifying, researching and presenting new areas of investigation for the field of horticultural therapy.

Previously, Mitchell has investigated special populations who had exhibited eating disorders, post-traumatic stress and dementia. He has developed many programs for these groups using HT as a treatment modality. He has written many ground-breaking publications on each of these. His latest work on Substance Abuse and Traumatic Stress populations using HT as a treatment modality is one more influential and important academic efforts on his long list of achievements.

Mitchell has published over 75 articles in a range of publications including Toronto Star, South Bend (Michigan) Tribune, Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture, Abilities Magazine, McLean’s, Japan Greenery Research and Development., Edmonton Journal, Landscape Trades, Health Watch. Mitchell’s own book Horticulture As Therapy A Practical Guide to Using Horticulture as a Therapeutic Tool is considered the must have resource in Canada. It has been translated into Japanese and Traditional Chinese and is used as a textbook in several Asian countries in addition to Mitchell’s courses. (A listing of his publications is included in his resume.)

Some of Mitchell’s groundbreaking written work includes articles (and presentations) on topics including dementia and post-traumatic stress disorder as they relate to the use of horticultural therapy. 

“I have known (Mitchell) for what must now be approaching 40 years and the depth of his warmth and caring has always impressed me. Mitchell is recognized throughout Canada and the United States as a leader in field of horticultural therapy. He has made many professional contributions that are now having impact worldwide. His book, his presentations, and articles are all indicative of his philosophy of sharing his knowledge and experience to strengthen the profession. He is particularly to be commended for the on-line course that he has developed and the potential that it holds for expansion of the horticulture in health care,”  

Dr Diane Relf, HTM

Dr. Edgardo Perez, MD, MPH, FRCPC, CHE and CEO and President of Homewood Health Centre states:

“In providing mental health care we need to use different approaches to reach our patients. HT brings a very special dimension to care because it combines the use of many of our senses to help us to connect with ourselves, our strength and even our difficulties. It is a great tool for assessment that could be used by many individuals in the field. Being able to plant and grow a seed allows people to nurture the growth with the opportunity to increase one’s self esteem. Patients at Homewood speak very highly of Mitchell Hewson’s contribution to their lives.”